On the Road Again: Dessert in Vienna, Sacher Torte

29 Dec

On the Road Again: Dessert in Vienna, Sacher Torte

I will begin my own series on desserts around the world with a post on the most famous cake of all, the Hotel Sacher Wien dessert called the Sacher Torte. The Hotel Sacher Wien (Wien is German for “Vienna”) is possibly the most elegant hotel in Vienna, Austria. But it turns out to be named for the cake and the man who came up with it, not the other way around. Very cool, as the man was only 17 when he devised this cake and the way to prepare it.

When Noel and I traveled to Vienna on a tour for Thanksgiving of 1989, we set aside time to go to the cafe in the hotel and have a piece of Sacher Torte each, along with a steaming mug of cafe au lait (coffee with frothy steamed milk).

It was probably one of the most elegant occasions of my life. I love gentle elegance. We can’t always afford the pricetag for such things, but every once in a while we splurge!

The tables were set with those tablecloths that are so whitened that they almost blind you. The china, crystal, and silver were exquisite. I think I recall fresh flowers on the table, even though it was November.

‘Course we didn’t have cell phones with cameras back then and I didn’t think to take a picture with Noel’s Canon Sure Shot. So all we have are our memories (and the official picture I pulled down from the hotel’s website, LOL!).

Good times!

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