Reblog Friday: Controversy Sells!

28 Dec

Controversy Sells!

I am, at heart, a lover of theology (theology=the study of God, straight from the Greek). But I must admit that for me, as a blogger, the human interest stories lead (weight loss, cancer survival). Since this is a big part of my personal story, I understand why that is the case. Following right after human interest stories have been my posts on controversial issues of our day.

Theology is just something I will always write about because it fascinates me. I understand there are real theologians out there to read and I can be but a faint glimmer of them. But I will continue to write on theology because . . . I can.

The joke about me is that I am the Baptist Yentl (if you recall the Barbra Streisand film in which she was an Orthodox Jewish girl who disguised herself as a boy in order to study the Torah!). Best everyone, Mary


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