On the Road Again: Dessert Around the World

28 Dec

I recently read an article in “Martha Stewart Living” (December 2012) that made me think.  She had an article on desserts in Central Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France).  It included a brief history of the ten desserts featured and luscious pictures of them.

It recalled my five years in Europe, specifically the three in Germany (1988-1991).  We lived over a bakery in Germany so fresh loaves of bread were a regular feature in our apartment when we were newlyweds.  It is amazing that I didn’t weigh 400 pounds by the time we moved to the States. 

I will always be a foodie.  I may have just lost 100 pounds (and I plan to stay on Weight Watchers forever and keep it off!!!), but I will always love hearing about delicious desserts, their recipes, and their history.  I will always enjoy looking at pictures of them.  In many ways, the pictures will replace eating the desserts for me sometimes.  I already get teased at my Weight Watchers group because I often refer to “eating a dessert with my eyes and imagining what it tastes like” (especially if I have had it before and have a memory of it for which I can reach).  

That said, I thought that it would be great to see whether anyone blogs on desserts around the world.  I haven’t found such a blog yet.

Martha Stewart doesn’t solely focus on desserts when she travels.  For example, I have never seen her feature Korean or Japanese desserts, despite her trips to Asia at least once a year.  

So this is my idea.  I don’t travel nearly as much now as I once did on active duty in the Navy.

What if you, my readers, photograph desserts around the world when you see them as you travel?  Send them to me.  Write a guest blog post if you wish, or let me do that for you.  

Photograph desserts around the U.S. and Canada, too.

And I will feature them in “On the Road Again” posts.  

I can’t pay you for this.  I am not paid as a blogger.  

But we could have some fun times together with this, learning about other cultures and what they serve each other for a treat!

Let’s do it!




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