The Theology of “Les Miz”

26 Dec

The Theology of “Les Miz”

I regard “Les Miserables” as theologically the most wonderful piece of fictional literature ever written!  (Yeah, I know I left out the “Left Behind” novels–sorry, guys, if you are big fans of them!  LOL!).

Here is why the story has compelled me ever since I first saw it on stage in London in 1986 (then went back two more times . . .).

I read the novel with Joey when we were homeschooling.  Read and discussed it.  If you haven’t read a good English translation, don’t miss the chance.  Great novels seem initially slow to our modern sensibilities because they paint the scene and the characters of the people before they begin the action.  That, however, is their beauty, and is something we are almost totally unable to do now.

Great action!  A great romance!  But most of all, an eternal story of the struggle within all of us between the desire for God and His ways and the desire to be independent of God.



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