Controversial Tuesday: What Do We Tell Young Children About Gay Marriage?

18 Dec

In light of the legalization of gay marriage in Britain, which I believe will soon come to the U.S., I have some thoughts:

Many of you know that I am a big history buff.  I mean, even though I have some favorites, I love all time periods.  I think they light up the pleasure center of my brain.

In the Bible, Revelation 19 talks about the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Revelation 19 shows us, along with other passages, the idea that God has ordained human marriage to reflect a picture of the marriage of Jesus, the Lamb, to His bride, the church.

Jesus pictures the male, the initiator.  The church (that is all saved people, all of us together) pictures the female, the responder.  This is God’s order for His created universe.  Where He created male and female, He created those distinctions.

Now for young parents right now, I am thinking they will be raising their children in a world where gay marriage will be accepted as normal by most people.  Christians will have the job of instilling in their children, independently of the world, the idea that God’s design for the human race, fully male and fully female in relation to each other, was meant to be a paler reflection of His design in heaven.

That is no small undertaking.  But I look at history and see that God’s original picture of marriage, one man and one woman for life, has prevailed for thousands of years.  Though human fickleness and frailty have conspired against it, it has prevailed.

It did not get clouded by Old Testament polygamy, despite Abraham and Jacob and David and even Solomon.  Polygamy turned out to be too expensive for most men, back in the day when men expected to financially take care of their babies.  Most men could not afford it, so most men did not do it.

Today we have two fronts battling to be the first to erase the picture of divine love from the human race:  the more than 50% of our young ladies who only use a man as a “baby daddy” instead of settling into a lifelong relationship that reflects God’s gracious love and the 2% of our young people (latest studies) that identify as gay or transgender (I don’t include bisexuals here because many of them embark on traditional marriages).

God will preserve His image in the fallen human race.  He will eventually restore it.  I have no idea how He is going to bring this one around–young kids being born right now are going to grow up seeing “families” at the mall, and at school programs, who have two mommies or two daddies.  They will also see many young mothers who are raising children alone.  Probably a majority of the young women wherever they go.

Yet there is nowhere in Revelation where I see it said that God sits down all the Christians born after 2009 and explains to them what His original design for marriage was!  It seems they already know before they get to heaven!  Maybe God has written that on our hearts and consciences so deeply that we can’t eradicate His image, try as we might.

I mean, and I say this tongue in cheek, the great silence in heaven for the space of half an hour is not mentioned in conjunction with God taking all the Millennials to another room to explain to them His original complementarian design for male and female, ya know?!

We have to conclude that God has it covered.  Even when gay marriage is legal in all 50 states of the U.S., as I believe it will be, those gay marriages will not be able to stamp out the picture of Christ’s love for humankind shown in the marriage of a man and a woman for life.

Just as the high heterosexual divorce rate and the high rate of out-of-wedlock births has not been able to stamp it out.  No matter what is said to redefine a family, we all know, deep down inside, that the ideal is one man and one woman for life.  That will never change, because it is a God-authored concept.

I believe my response to a gay person contemplating same sex marriage is the same as my response to a young lady contemplating getting pregnant so she can have a “trophy baby.”

“God has created and organized the universe to make it impossible for you to find the fulfillment you seek by way of the action you are contemplating.”

I would say it quietly and gently and mercifully, but I would say it.

Then, that said, they get to choose what they do next.

And I will pray that they follow God’s design for their lives, for therein lies love, joy, and contentment.


One Response to “Controversial Tuesday: What Do We Tell Young Children About Gay Marriage?”

  1. carol martin December 18, 2012 at 2:59 PM #

    You make a compassionate response in how you would approach people. I respect religious views on this matter-practically I don’t think that many gay people will get married. Our dear late father in law has an old friend in London who has been in a relationship for about 40 years and now has a civil partnership. I can’t imagine them or many other people will go for “marriage”. The civil partnership gives the remaining partner that legal protection re property rights etc when one dies.
    Regarding single parents I am surprised to hear you have an epidemic in the USA. Here in the UK the welfare benefits system has made being a single parent a career choice for some young women with low educational attainment and who have been dragged up with a lack of expectation. Fortunately recent changes have moved against them-there is an acute shortage of subsidised housing so they no longer get a flat,they cant sit around on benefits till their child is 16-they have to actively seek work once the child is 3.
    Among better educated women -they are getting married -maybe not till much later than Jim and I did. Some are in partnerships but these are long-standing stable relationship.
    Our old next door neighbour’s daughter was in such a relationship and has 3 children -she is a consultant (medical) in Accident and Emergency and her “partner” is a part time officer in the merchant navy.
    All is not lost!

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