Reblog of a Post on Alcohol Consumption

12 Dec

Reblog of a Post on Alcohol Consumption

This post appeared on Iconobaptist about a month ago, written by Dr. David Saxon, a guest writer who is a Christian college professor.

I agree with him that I can’t be 100% sure that a glass of wine with dinner can be called sinful in every culture and in every time.

I used to drink, mostly wine with meals, during  my years as an Episcopalian.  That was a period of about 20 years when I had left a fundamentalist Baptist background to which I subsequently returned, at my husband’s urging (he had been raised Catholic).

When I returned to the denomination of my youth, I returned to its teetotalling ways.  I don’t regret that.

As I said yesterday, in my post on the legalization of marijuana, I don’t believe in mind altering substances.  That is mainly how I define my stand on alcohol and drugs.  Life seems beautiful enough as God gives it, without the need for artificial enhancements.

I also see alcohol and drug use as big time- and money-wasters in our society, so I stay far away, believing that God has called me to accountability in these areas.

Am I perfect?  Do I never waste time on Facebook or reading things that aren’t worth my time?  No, I am still learning in many areas.  That is why I present my position humbly and without telling anyone else how to live their life.

But, as I said yesterday, I imbibed to drunkenness on several occasions in my youth and I just don’t think it is worth it.  Nor is alcohol use in general.  I can live without it.

That is where I stand.


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