When You Live Together, You Grow to Look Alike!!!

7 Dec

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” (I Mary 4:14, ha!)

Just kidding you with the verse above.  There are actually a lot of people who think that is in the Bible, but it is not!

I have been noticing, since arriving home from a business trip three weeks ago, that my men (that is, the 60-year-old one to whom I have been married for 23 years and the 20-year-old one who is getting ready to go off to college) have been getting a bit neater and more organized!!!

How can this be?  I had long ago concluded that both of them have “executive dysfunction” (google it) and would forever need me to arrange everything within the house.  However, they are super at keeping the yard up and my husband is a very good and organized financial planner, so this was not a complaint of mine so much as an attempt to accept reality for what it is.

But . . . no they are changing up the game, even as I speak.  And, furthermore, there is evidence that they have been slowly changing it up ever since I started to travel three years ago.  I just hadn’t noticed the slow and subtle changes until now.  

It is truly a joy to see them putting stuff in the recycle bin themselves rather than leaving papers around the house for me to sort through and relocate to an appropriate place.

I caught my husband combining separate boxes of tea, and of oatmeal, and of granola bars on Wednesday before the recycle truck came so that he could put the empty cardboard boxes out for recycle!  

What is this?  I didn’t even know they noticed my methods in the past!  This is a great feeling.

It is so easy to conclude that one sort of singlehandedly runs a household.  But that is so rarely the case.  My husband has done our taxes and so much of our financial recordkeeping all along.  I would be lost without him there.  

So what am I saying?  God reminded me that we are a team, all three of us, but most assuredly Noel and I.  

Lest I get off balance and give myself a lot more props than I need or deserve!!! 





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