On the Road Again: Swimming in a Blizzard in Reykjavik

30 Nov

Wintertime reminds me not just of Kristkindlmarkts (Christ Child Markets) throughout German-speaking Europe, but also of places where hot springs or geysers allow outdoor swimming in winter.

One such place is Reykjavik, Iceland. In fact, most of Iceland is heated by geothermal sources underground.

One winter weekend while my squadron was spending the months September to March of 1983-84 in Iceland, a group of friends and I decided to get off base and stay in a nice hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. We had a nice meal in the hotel restaurant the first night (except for the raw shark appetizer we tried, yuck!).

The next day, while touring the city, we decided to go to the outdoor swimming pool (Olympic-sized) operated year-round in the center of town.

Oh, my goodness, that was fun and strange. We were swimming outside in a snowstorm!

It was freezing running from the dressing rooms to the pool outside, but once in the pool, it was warm for quite a while.

When we started to chill, there were three gradations of hot tub nearby to sit in to warm up!

‘Course our heads were out of the water and my hair did freeze in the snowstorm but . . .

We made memories that can never be taken away of swimming outdoors in winter in geyser-heated pools!!!


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