Vignettes, Life, and the Lord

28 Nov

Some of my travel vignettes, as well as the stories of life in London when I was there from 1985-1987, may raise eyebrows and beg an explanation as to why they are part of the theme of Iconobaptist.

I believe that, at this point, I have presented my Christian faith thoroughly enough that most of you are aware I am a Christian.  I also think most of you won’t find it a stretch to say that my Christian faith informs every part of my life.

Most of all, however, I believe that God’s grace surrounds me in more of a real way than the air I breathe.

It gives me life like the air I breathe, too.

So everything in life relates to God and His grace.

Ironically, when I was a college student, I went through a phase with a friend of mine in which we thought we couldn’t be good Christians unless we used the name “Jesus” in every sentence we said.

I don’t believe that now.  Jesus is part of every sentence I say, so much so that He doesn’t need to be artificially inserted in there.  He comes up often, and naturally, enough.

I love Him!

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