On the Road Again: Walking Across London, Part II

27 Nov

Yesterday I wrote about being in London slightly more than a month and needing to find my way home from a midnight service on Christmas Eve after the transport stopped running.

Fast forward a week and I was doing the same thing all over again on New Year’s Eve.  Except this time transport was running, even all night long, which was unheard of at the time in London.  Except on New Year’s Eve.

I was with two friends and about 10,000 new friends (ha!) smashed into Trafalgar Square for their traditional countdown to the new year.  And, no, a ball doesn’t drop in Trafalgar Square.  But people go there anyway.

Everything was fenced off (fountains, monuments, etc.) but that didn’t keep people from climbing the fencing and lounging all over the square on whatever surface was available.  Most of us, however, stood.

After the countdown, which was pretty anticlimactic to an American, I must say, people just began kissing random strangers. Yup, a couple of guys got to me, too.  I guess it’s the British way.  At least on New Year’s Eve, as they are pretty reserved the rest of the year.

Then we started out for the transport.

We could tell by the number of bodies spilling out of the top of the tube station that the Underground was not going to work for us.  So we started to walk for a bus.

We passed several bus stops where the lines were hundreds of people long.

We figured if we got away from Central London, we might find a stop where we had a chance of fitting on to a bus coming by and going towards my flat.  The idea was to catch a bus to my flat, then have the other two go home from there.

Good idea, but not workable.  We kept walking as full buses kept coming by full bus stops.

In the end, we walked every inch of the way to my flat, arriving after two in the morning.

The other two were so exhausted they just slept there (I had three beds in my bedroom, as the owners of the flat left furniture in it and I had my own, too).

So . . .  it was pancakes for all three of us in the morning.  And Happy New Year as my first full year in London began!!!






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