25 Nov


I reached my Weight Watchers goal three weeks ago. Some of my young friends said it didn’t count till I had new clothes. As those of you who have read my burqha post know, I believe Baptists should be fitly- and well-arranged (the definition of modesty). So the search was on for a dress that is fitly- and well-arranged, without being too low on top, too high on the bottom, or too tight all around.

Here is my “Goal!” picture, taken by my friend Melissa Wells this morning.

At Weight Watchers, the question when someone makes a milestone is always, “So what is working for ya?” I will answer that for me.

I have tracked everything that has gone in my mouth since January 1. And I will continue to do so the rest of my life. There is no other way of knowing what is causing weight gain when it happens.

Don’t get me wrong–I have put estimates and even mistakes into my tracker. I know that because the points system is constantly being updated. I put the wrong number of points for my Panera bagel almost this entire year, resulting in two extra points a week which I did not display.

But see the trend? Purposefulness is the key. Even when I was wrong (invisible to me), I kept tracking. And it all evened out.

As I joke with some friends about the law vs. grace, Weight Watchers is one place where the law rules!!!

Thanks for your support, everyone!

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