Happy Thanksgiving!

22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am going to give thanks early for the way the Lord has allowed me to drop 93 pounds since January 1 this year.

I want to encourage others for, if I could do it, anyone can.

In fact, I spent last year in defeat, watching people around me at church lose varying amounts of weight while I made a token effort to join them, never really seriously signing on to any of their weight loss methods, but rather sampling a bit of them all.

I had breast cancer in 2008, so I approached my four-year survivor mark in fear and trembling, realizing that God had returned me to great health but also that I was aging and would not long remain healthy if I continued to carry so much weight. About fifty pounds of it was post-chemotherapy weight, but I knew I had to work with God to get it under control.

On January 1, I started Weight Watchers. It is a totally scientific program based on decades of research. I have tried many different variations on its basic themes and they all work. I am living proof.

I have only gained weight one week out of this entire year. I stayed the same three weeks. Every other week, I lost weight.

I have not exercised as much as I would like. That is next year’s program.

I have hardly ever eaten my weekly bonus points, but when I did it last week on travel to California for my job, it worked out fine. I still lost weight.

I have learned that it is fine to snack heavily on zero point fruit. Yes, it does have sugar and yes, it does have calories. But they have researched that, too. Apparently reaching for a piece of fruit, or even a few pieces of fruit, replaces so much other junk we are used to eating that our bodies still don’t gain from it.

I am overjoyed. Actually, I am in orbit.

I was planning to lose 50 pounds this year and be deliriously happy. Instead, I have almost doubled that.

Thank you, Weight Watchers. Thank You, Jesus!


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Meryl November 23, 2012 at 12:25 PM #

    you have inspired me…. ,,,, I just have to .. go chat with them how this program works for diabetics…. as I am not sure about the fruit being “free” but I am inspired by you…. need to get some ‘home’ support… but with or with out it I am inspired…….and hope to follow your example….:-)

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