Living in God’s Freedom

4 Nov

Galatians 5:1, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”


Earlier this week I wrote about intentional living and about the immense freedom Christ gives each of us to make choices for our own lives.


Today I want to address that group of Christians who don’t choose to be free.


It is an irony of opening a bird’s cage when we see that the bird doesn’t always choose to leave the cage.  It is an irony of the freedom Christ brings us when we see that not everyone in Christ chooses to be free.


Past lives can be complicated.  It can be hard work breaking free of limitations others have put on us or we have put on ourselves.


One danger those of us who choose to live intentionally can find is the danger to have other people in our lives who don’t choose to live intentionally and who want to make us responsible for their choices.


It might be a spouse or a child or a sibling.  It might be a friend.


But what it is not is a healthy relationship before God.


God made each of us responsible.  Yes, we do influence each other, and we need great wisdom about that.  But no one is totally responsible for someone else’s life.


The secular world calls that kind of relationship “codependent” or “enmeshed.”  We need to have our eyes wide open to the fact that God calls it idolatry.


When someone totally gets his or her identity and meaning from another person, that person has replaced Christ in his or her life.


Also, it is not healthy for the person who is given that much responsibility for another human being.


Can you really imagine God saying, in His judgment someday, “Okay, I realize that Woman A totally abdicated her freedom of  choice to Man A, so I am going to judge Man A for the way both of their lives turned out?”  No, that won’t happen.  Husbands, it is true, will be held accountable for their headship of the wife and of the family.  But they will not be judged for decisions their wives and children should have made for themselves.


We can’t pawn our freedom of choice off on another person.  And no else can foist his or her freedom of choice onto us.

We are all free to choose before God.  Even if we think we are not.


We will judged someday based on reality.  Not on what we thought was true.


Spending an entire life paralyzed by our past is one thing.  That, too, is a choice we can make.  But thinking that makes someone else totally responsible to live our life for us and make our choices for us is quite another thing.


God won’t allow that kind of idolatry to happen.


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