Ladies’ Thursday: The Love that Brings You Through Cancer

18 Oct

II Corinthians 1:4, “Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”

Just yesterday, I had a divine encounter with a beautiful young woman named Jerusha and her husband at Starbucks.  She was perhaps 35 years old.

I first noticed her, while sitting there enjoying my pumpkin spice latte (skinnier variant!), when I heard her discussing the calories in the drinks with her husband.  Thinking I could help, I pulled up the Weight Watchers app on my iPhone to show them the points comparisons between lattes.

As I spoke with her, I noticed her hair was extremely short, under a pink baseball cap.  Just as I noticed that, my son Joey needed me to help him check out with his Target gift card (I was at the Starbucks in our local Target store, which just opened this week!).  I left to help Joey.

As we finished our transaction and were walking out the door, I was irresistibly drawn to look back and see whether she was still at the Starbucks.  She was.  She looked up as I turned around to come back in the store,flashing me a beautiful smile as though she were expecting me to do that!

I did not want to ask if she had cancer so I asked instead if she had cut her hair for someone who had cancer. Yes, in fact, she had. She has been undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma and cut her waist length hair for Locks of Love right before her first chemo.

I pulled out a tract from my church for her; it turned out she and her husband go to the Wave Church, one of our local megachurches near the Oceanfront.

I had already shared about my almost ninety pound weight loss this year.  I now told her about having breast cancer four years ago; we hugged and exchanged names.

Joey asked her husband questions.  We started sharing about how it is to lean on a husband during cancer treatments like chemotherapy.  Both of us said the same thing.  That a loving husband is a powerful motivation to get through the treatments and live.    We both mentioned the very special grace that God gives us in our men at such a time.  When they are, themselves, paralyzed by fear as they watch their beloved wife’s body go through really hard changes, they somehow manage to hold us up, most of the time.

Then we both acknowledged the times when a husband can’t go on with being the strong one holding up the entire operation!!!  About how that is okay, because no human is built to do that indefinitely for another human.  About how, at such times, we both knew instinctively to get alone with God and pour our hearts out directly to Him.  He is the only One who can always hold us upright, in any circumstance, for any length of time.

Wow, what a powerful encounter that was.  I walked away feeling like I was floating on a cloud of joy!  And I will pray for Jerusha to beat her cancer, too.  We may not see each other around again.  We live in an area of almost a million people.  But we will surely see each other one day in heaven!  Glory!


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