The Right To Be Foolish . . .

14 Oct

I Corinthians 3:19, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.”

I will confess my bias right up front. I love the freedom to decide for myself. Even if what I decide is lame. I have made some great decisions in my life and some not so great ones. Loved making them all. Even loved being responsible for my own consequences. As a Bible-believer, I get kind of thrilled with the part about God “chastening” us as sons and daughters because I very much agree with my co-writer Josh (link below) that God’s chastening is a loving process meant to refine us as children, whether we can see that or not.

When my own consequences overwhelm me, I often thank Him for caring enough to let me suffer for my mistakes so I will learn to be more wise in the future.

So I draw a clear distinction between God’s right to tell me what to do (He is my Creator and my Saviour) and those people in this world who think they can tell me, and everyone else, what to do.  Call them the “nanny state” if you must.

I have a problem with the elements in both major political parties who want to tell me, and their other fellow Americans, what to do. I would probably be a libertarian if there were a consistent stance on abortion in that party, like the one taken by Ron Paul.

And, yes, since I regard abortion as taking another life, I do regard it as one of those things government has the right to regulate.  They can regulate the murder of people who are already born and theft and sexual assault, too.  But I like to talk about the abortion issue with people, hearing their stories, too.  I don’t want to shut them down, but rather to listen to them.  Goodness, there are even atheists who believe in the pro-life stance based on science alone, so the discussion, on both sides, is far from over.

What amazes me lately is the number of “good for you” decisions the progressive side is willing to make for me. Telling me which light bulbs to use, to not drink Coca Cola (I’m a Southern gal now and call it Cocola!), to not use tanning beds, etc., etc., etc. I believe in publishing the facts because people need those for an informed decision. I do not believe in changing laws so that people can’t find the old light bulbs, Coke, or a tanning salon anywhere.

I was raised fundamentalist in my faith and I still am pretty much there (Baptist). Sometimes people feel the need to lecture “fundies” in a pre-emptive way, just in case we were about to judge them for something . But I have to say that the so-called fundamentalist spirit dwells in large proportion among many folks in our land who would never darken the doors of a church.  There is lots and lots of judgmentalism among progressives, many of them eschewing any religious ties whatsoever.

Our paper’s on-line forum regularly has people who tell others that they make too much money and should give it to (fill-in-the-blank with writer’s favorite charity) or that they will go to hell if they don’t recycle (oddly some of the folks saying that don’t even believe in hell!). And, while I believe giving to charity and recycling are wonderful values that I hope to practice for the rest of my life, I have a problem with people calling other people immoral for not doing these things.

It is the same problem I have with fundamentalists who exclusively talk about God’s judgment and never His love (balance in everything, my dears).

God has made us free agents. We get to choose, even whether to believe in or follow Him. If He has that much respect for our freedom of choice, wonder why we don’t afford each other that respect sometimes.

Disclaimer:  The above Scripture does not exalt foolishness, neither do I.  I just honestly admit I have done foolish things while thinking I was being wise.  We all have, if we are honest.  

Link to Josh’s article:

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