You Can Never Be an Anarchist Leader!

10 Oct

Judges 17:6, “In those days [there was] no king in Israel, [but] every man did [that which was] right in his own eyes.”

The above verse is the definition of a group of anarchists, isn’t it?  People who will take direction from no one but their own hearts.

A whole society of anarchists is ungovernable, as various countries have found out throughout history.  That is always the danger of a revolutionary movement.  It can start out with the people united around a philosophy and end up with everyone splintered off and doing what is right in their own eyes.

I believe that is why the Muslim leaders in the countries that were affected by the Arab Spring last year are pretty much cracking the whip over their people now.  Most of those governments have probably moved from military control to control by Muslim Brotherhood (or Salafis, or . . .).

Freedom is dangerous outside of Christianity, which is the only faith that actually provides the power (the Holy Spirit living within us) for people to live in unity around one common cause outside of themselves.

Even then, we Christians are often fractured and in disunity (more about that in other posts later).

I notice in such simple activities as driving back and forth to my base the anarchist impulses in our human hearts.

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving down Diamond Springs Road, pushing 55 in a 45 mph zone (as almost everyone does), when I became completely annoyed by a person tailgating me in the right lane.  I started to wonder what right he had to break the law about not passing on the right (well, at least not harassing a car in front of you on the right in order to pass someone on the left).  I also thought about how wrong he was for wanting to go faster than me and getting right up on my bumper to make his point.  I thought of the word “anarchist” and mentally started applying it to him.

God immediately showed me that I was being an anarchist myself by speeding at that moment.  When I do that, I show others that it is okay to break the law.  I can’t then decide that they can only break the law I am breaking.  No, when I model breaking the law, I have to be prepared to see others break the law in every way possible.  Including those ways that I don’t personally like or that could endanger me.

That is what anarchy is.  It is like letting the tigers out of their habitat in the zoo, then expecting they will live by human rules once they are outside of it.  Anarchy doesn’t function like that in the human heart.  In fact, the tigers might function in a more orderly manner by at least staying together as a pack as they eat everyone in sight!

Another example, from my drive tonight, brought home our anarchist tendencies again (and this time, I was being good myself!).  I was driving in the right lane, again on Diamond Springs Road, when two people in the left lane both apparently remembered at the same moment that they wanted to exit right on Northampton Boulevard.  There were about four car lengths between me and the car in front of me.  Both of those cars could have easily fit.  However, they both moved into my lane at the exact same moment, without signaling, and it was a miracle they did not collide, as they shifted into the lane with about six inches separating them.

Having already taken one anarchist action, the car in the rear showed the power of the tiger mindset by tailgating the front car all of the way onto Northampton.  I mean he remained six inches behind the other car, as though that man had cut him off, when, in fact, both of them had suddenly cut me off, and made me hit my brakes in case they collided.

You see, when you are an anarchist, you don’t care.  “Was it my fault that we nearly collided or was it his?”  Doesn’t matter when you are an anarchist.  Only getting what you want matters.  And doing what is right in your own eyes.

If you are leading an anarchist rebellion, don’t expect to be the anarchist king.  By definition, you can’t be.

For every anarchist is king in his own eyes, and wants to arrange the world his own way.  Other anarchists need not apply to live in that world!!!


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