Blood Feuds

8 Oct

You know how we Americans always feel superior to ethnic groups with rivalries going back thousands of years, like the various ethnicities in the former Yugoslavia or like all of the Middle Eastern peoples who just can’t get along???

I’m gonna suggest that we Americans are becoming just like them.  They call those thousand year rivalries “blood feuds” because if someone killed your family member, then you consider it open season on their family members for as long as the earth endures.

We are becoming that type of nation, I think.  Maybe it took getting to age 230 in 2006, so we could have a feel that some things in our culture here are ancient, too.  I had just graduated high school when we celebrated our bicentennial in 1976.  We seem to have needed to get a few years beyond that.

I think it is very unlikely that anyone will ever “steal” an election in the United States, at least an election for president, but there are some who believe that George W. Bush “stole” an election because the Electoral College results did not match the popular vote in 2000 (that has happened before and it is a result of the system our founding fathers consciously chose).

In order to get our “pound of flesh” some of my fellow conservatives then followed course by suggesting the current president isn’t eligible for the presidency because he was either born somewhere else or took dual citizenship during his childhood (which the U.S. does not allow).

Folks, that was just crazy.  The responses on both sides during both of those election cycles.  If the Electoral College votes have been certified, then that election is valid, whether we like the person elected or not!

Now we have an election in which both presidential campaigns are talking past each other with statistics that supposedly have been “fact checked” but which say opposite things.

It comes down to voting our world view, for the two world views being presented by the two campaigns are diametrically opposed.  Vote for the one you believe is valid, then call it good.

And still some will claim the election results are not real.  The Democrats believe the Republicans are suppressing the vote.  The Republicans believe the Democrats are inflating the vote with illegal ballots.

Let’s just say that there is a millionth of one percent chance that someone actually could do something diabolical with the U.S. electoral process.  Isn’t that where faith in God and justice come in?  There are some things too big for us finite people.

By definition, a theft is something that usually cannot be detected, at least all the details of it.  So if an election were actually stolen, it is possible only God would know.

I figure if someone ever managed to steal an election, against all odds, it is thus up to God to right that wrong.  I will not be part of this constant suspicion and mud-slinging in our land.  And I will not elevate it to the level of a blood feud.

Too many angry people are running around acting as though their fellow Americans are their enemies.  Let’s not be part of this.


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