Fresh, Floppy Fish

7 Oct
Read Job 1:9, 10:

I can’t find the original author for this devotional, but I long ago heard a wonderful story at a ladies’ retreat called Fresh, Floppy Fish. It was about a fisherman who drew huge lines of people to the pier whenever he came back from a deep sea fishing expedition. None of his competitors drew crowds like he did. Everyone came to his boat to buy his fish because they were fresh, floppy fish.

Everyone, including the other fishermen, tried to find out the secret of his fresh, floppy fish, but they never could. By and by, the old fisherman died and his daughter took over his business. When the competitors asked whether she would tell them the secret of the fresh, floppy fish, she said she would tell them when she came back from her next fishing trip.

As the daughter returned from her next trip, there were twice as many people on the pier as ever before, because she had promised to tell everyone the secret of the fresh, floppy fish. The daughter pulled her boat up, sold the fresh, floppy fish that were on it, then prepared to address the crowds.

“We all know that it is important to keep fish alive as long as possible when they are caught on a fishing expedition, right? I mean, no one throws them down on the deck anymore because we all have a holding tank onboard our boats for them, right? Yet most of you find that your fish slow down, get lethargic, and die after a day or two, even in the holding tank.

The secret, you see, to the fresh floppy fish is that I put a catfish in my holding tank.  It is aggressive and it chases the other fish around. Since it doesn’t allow them a moment of rest, they don’t get lethargic or slow down or die. They remain fresh, floppy fish until I get back from my fishing trip.”

The application is a cool one. The fisherman stands for God and the catfish stands for Satan. We are the fish and, once we are in God’s tank, He allows that catfish run us ragged in order to keep us fresh and floppy for Him.  The key is in the word “allows.”  Like Job, we have nothing that overtakes us without God’s express knowledge and permission.  And God loves us.

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