Choir Pranks

5 Oct

Okay, I have been way too serious this week!  Time to lighten it up a bit with an old post about choir:

We were talking about choir pranks at Tabernacle tonight, but really every choir I have ever been in has had its pranks.  Something about musicians lends itself to that . . .

My contribution comes from my second or third year at Tab, so about 2001 or 2002.  I had just started singing soloes and was still getting mega-nervous before doing them (if you haven’t seen our church and how high the pulpit is, suffice it to say it is the highest one I have ever seen!  It makes you almost afraid of heights the first few times you sing!).

I was finding that an escape into humor was a way to get past the nerves and onward in my songs.  I usually left chocolate concealed up there somewhere, for the associate pastor’s kids.  That was one way.

On this particular Easter night, our associate pastor was busting on his mother, the senior pastor’s wife.  She had, according to son Rod, totally messed up hiding the Easter eggs for the grandkids at the family lunch that day.  As he went on and on, I looked over at my friend Lenore and started formulating how I could avenge her!!!

When it came time to sing, I stood up, walked over, grabbed the glass of water that had been placed there for the associate pastor as he preached in a few minutes’ time, and drank it straight down.  I then grinned as the church erupted in laughter.  When they stopped, I sang my song!

What kind of pranking have you done or seen happen in the choir(s) you have been in?


2 Responses to “Choir Pranks”

  1. Sam Allgood October 5, 2012 at 2:54 PM #

    Our chapel choir, many years ago when I was stationed in Hawaii (it was rough, but someone had to do it), had been after someone in the congregation for a while to join the choir because they knew he sang well, but he continually refused. Finally, in the middle of one of the services, a couple of them walked down the aisle, pulled out the choir robe they had brought with them, and held it up for him to put on.

  2. Sam Allgood October 5, 2012 at 2:56 PM #

    I felt it was like a prank when our choir director in that same chapel (and this was my only experience singing in a choir) asked me to sing a tenor solo in our Christmas special. The problem was that it had some very high notes and I sing bass. What a struggle … and my voice cracked!

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