While I love Desmond Tutu, I Cannot Agree with This Statement

2 Oct

While I love Desmond Tutu, I Cannot Agree with This Statement

As we have been learning to do, following the theology of some very good Christian teachers/thinkers, let’s sort this post out Biblically:

1) Does it deny any essential doctrines?  Yes, it denies Jesus’ claim of exclusivity (“no man cometh unto the Father but by me”) in John 14:6.  Based on that, the world that this post describes, one with all of God’s creation living in harmony, cannot be attained the way this post recommends that it can.

2) Does it differ with me on any non-essential doctrines that are Baptist distinctives?  Yes, because Baptists are pre-millennial )(believing Christ will bodily return to earth before worldwide peace and harmony are attained, in Him).  This post is post-millennial, in a sense, as it talks of the human race being able to attain that peace and harmony without Jesus Christ here and at the center of it.  Or maybe it is amillennial (not teaching a millennium of perfect peace and harmony at all).  

3) Does the post differ with any of my personal preferences?  Surely a few, but not worth mentioning here or using to divide fellowship among brothers and sisters . . .


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