The True God: I Can Still Legally Say Jesus is the Only Way to the Father

15 Sep

John 14:6, “Jesus saith unto him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life:  no man cometh unto the Father but by me.”

Will it ever be illegal to say that Jesus is the only way to find eternal life, to be saved in the afterlife?

That seems unspeakable right now, doesn’t it?  At least for us, the Americans who have freedom of speech enshrined in our Constitution.

However, no one ever loses rights in one big gulp.  They are slowly eroded over time.

At the moment, we are slowly closing in on the time when a majority of people who call themselves Christians will hold the contradictory belief that many religions all lead to the same place, to salvation in the afterlife.

If that were so, would not Christ have been a fool to be tortured to death on a cross He didn’t need to be on?  If there were an easier way for us to be saved, why didn’t Christ know about that and avoid the cross?

The cross remains an offense and a stumbling block to the world’s peoples because there is no way to answer it other than to bow to the one on it and proclaim Him God and Savior, both personally and in relation to the entire world.

Right now, it is not popular to refer to Jesus as the only way to the Father, to salvation in the afterlife.  It is not popular, but right now that only means risking mockery.  People sometimes call us narrowminded Troglodytes for believing that, and especially for openly stating that.  They don’t want to hear about it.

Of course they don’t.  The cross is still an offense.  It forces us to take action, either for or against Christ.  We can’t remain neutral to Him, any more than First Century people could remain neutral when the gospel was first being spread over the face of the entire earth.

I believe that it will eventually be considered hate speech to contend that Christ is the only way to salvation.

I believe that this state will come as a result of people of other faiths claiming to be offended by that statement.

I believe that that statement will eventually be claimed as an affront to Muhammed and Allah.

Aside:  You don’t need to agree with me, but you do need to study history to see how American rights change over time. 


There was a time it was unthinkable that we would deny life to an unborn child.  At the time we legalized abortion in 1973, some scholars claimed that we would someday see professors of ethics challenging us to shorten life for the elderly when they seem to have passed their prime. 


That, my friends, has subsequently happened.  It is what the “quality of life” debate is all about.  We think we (families, government, insurance companies) get to play God and not only decide which unborn children deserve to be born but also which older people don’t deserve to have medical treatments prolonging their lives. 

At the moment, mobs in nations all over the Muslim world are storming U.S. embassies (which are sovereign U.S. territory, in case we have to be reminded) in protest of a private video made on Youtube by a purported American citizen who is probably going to jail for making it.  He was on probation for committing several crimes and was not allowed to be on-line nor to post things on-line, regardless of their content, so he will go to jail due to making a video, not due to the particular contents of this one.

Even if he were not going to jail, I would not honor this particular video by giving it a Youtube hit.  I have heard it is odious and I will be ignoring it.

However . . . our Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, said it best when she stated that our Constitution protects odious speech as well as speech we favor.  It must be that way.  If not, we have to remember that everything somebody says is odious to someone somewhere.

If freedom of speech only protects speech that is universally approved by everyone, that speech does not exist . . .

Hilary Clinton will not be Secretary of State forever.  She is of my generation.  We will soon be passing from leadership.  What then?

Is it possible that, in order to appease militant Muslims and to stop the burning of our embassies worldwide, we would tell people to not make claims about the Christian faith that anger Muslims?  That we would tell people to stop saying Jesus is the only way to salvation?

Oh, I could so see that happening within the next generation.

It is up to us to stay on top of current affairs, but it is even more important for those of us who claim Christ as our Savior to share the good gospel news while we still have an open window to do so.

If I have any Muslim readers who have happened onto this site via various search terms (like “true God”), this is my chance to tell you that Jesus loves you and He died for you, too.  Remember, more than 600 years before your faith was born, a historical figure named Jesus lived and created quite a stir.

If He was Who He said, then He has a claim on your life, too.

In fact, He came to the same part of the world where your faith started and was known to your ancestors before He was known to my ancestors in Europe.

We all must decide what we will do with Jesus.  Please don’t let any historical affronts, in the Middle East or anywhere else, stop you from reading the Bible and seeing what Jesus has to say, in His own words.

He loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life . . .


One Response to “The True God: I Can Still Legally Say Jesus is the Only Way to the Father”

  1. Matthew McClure September 16, 2012 at 2:06 AM #

    Concur. Further, I would submit that the Lord’s prayer is instructive. The very first words are an address of “Our father”. Since the Christian is a joint heir of heaven with Jesus Christ, OUR implies not only fellow Christians, but also our relationship with the father through Jesus (Romans 8). “No man comes unto the father but by me” not only applies to approaching the throne of grace for initial salvation, but every prayer a Christian ever prays, from the simplest grace over lunch to the most fervent intercession.
    SO if we permit out affinity for secular trappings to blur Jesus Christ out of not just Christmas but also Christianity, the X-ian looses any hope of fellowship with God. The power of Christianity has always been the name of Jesus (John 14:14). SO the slow leaching of the name of Jesus out of conversations about eternal life simply reflects the state of Christianity as practiced today – far from the Word and powerless in deed.
    I like solutions. So how then do we reverse the trend? Speak the name of Jesus. It is not a curse word. It has the power to conquer every heart in every nation to the glory of God the father (Philippians 2). Christians might speak it quietly over a meal three times a day. Speak up. Speak his name boldly. Speak of him with people you meet every day. It might give you the opportunity to share your testimony, lead a fellow sinner to salvation by God’s grace through a sinner’s faith in Jesus. It might show others that it is acceptable to speak the name of Jesus. It might spur others to find out more about him. It could cause a nation to turn its eyes back to God. It could spark a great awakening. Remember, you only have your rights when you freely practice them. So speak freely, and live your faith.

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