In Honor of a Lifelong Love, Nora and Lee Roy

15 Sep

Nora:  You sent for me, Lord?

Jesus (gently, looking straight into Nora’s eyes):  Yes, Nora, I did send for you.  It is time.  Today is the day.

Nora (incredulously):  You mean, You mean . . .???

Jesus:  Yes, Nora, my dear daughter.  You have waited for three months in earth time.  I know that you have enjoyed our fellowship and your fellowship with the other humans here.  And I know you have our perspective on eternity now.  But today is your day.  Your day to . . .

Nora (not meaning to interrupt her Savior):  See the person again with whom I spent almost my entire life on earth?

Jesus:  Yes, Nora.  It is time.  And what have you learned about that deepest of human relationships?

Nora:  Well, it will be different up here.  Like the angels, we won’t be married.  But he asked me whether I would be his special girl for all of eternity and I said yes.

Jesus:  Up here you will know even as also you are known.  You will never forget your relationship with him from earth.  It will just grow to be even more complete now.  And you will have a complete relationship with everyone up here, not just with him.

Nora:  You mean, the way I noticed as soon as I arrived here that I loved everybody up here even more than I loved him when I was on earth?

Jesus:  Yes, exactly.  Even the Christians who may have given you a hard time on earth will be dearer up here than your best friend was down there.  Everyone will be dear to you.  But, with him, you will still have your memories.  You will never lose those.  They will just be completed now, as will your relationship.

Nora:  Will I now be able to explain to him about what was going on with me during those years when I couldn’t remember things?

Jesus:  You will.  But it won’t matter.  He understood all along.  He knew that your soul was trapped inside of a body that would not let you express yourself, that wouldn’t let you remember.  What did you remember from those days?

Nora:  How tenderly and gently he took care of me.  He took very seriously your words to love me as You love the church.  I remember him using all of his strength to be there for me.  So much so that he only had strength for three more months of life once I had gone.

Jesus:  Nora, that is just how it should be after more than 69 years of marriage.  A few more months and you would have hit 70 years.  That is almost unheard of on earth right now.  And, yes, he took My commands on marriage very seriously.  And he loved you . .

Nora:  Do you think I have changed a lot since I have been here, Lord?

Jesus:  Everyone does.  In your case, I have to laugh remembering the thing you said when you first arrived.

Nora:  You mean?

Jesus (smiling fondly):  Yes, you said “Lee Roy, get up here right now.”

Nora:  And now?

Jesus:  You have learned patience in waiting for something wonderful.  But most of all, you have learned that My timing is the best timing.

Nora:  I think I always knew that.  It is just that I now know that with my heart and my soul and my head and . . .

Jesus:  Yes, you have been totally and utterly redeemed now.  There is not one part of you that needs to be changed anymore, except that you will one day be reunited with your resurrection body.

Nora:  I can’t wait for that day.  We will see everyone then, our children and grandchildren and fellow church members and . . .

Jesus:  And, on that day, I think I will have you make some banana puddin’ for our feast . . . (shifting gears).  But, just for today, we have a wonderful treat ahead.  He doesn’t yet know that I will meet him right at the gates of heaven.  And . . . my dear daughter, you are going with me.  Are you ready?

Nora:  Shall we run to him, hand in hand, Lord Jesus?

Jesus:  I would like that.  Let’s go welcome him home!


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