Thoughts on Blogging . . .

25 Aug

Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”


That is where my blog started, and where I want it to remain.


I have been reading blogs on blogging (of course) as this is all new to me and I can use all the counsel I can get.


I saw in several places where Twitterers are urged to divide their content into three parts:  1) their “brand” (whether professional things or things that are unique to them that draw people to follow their Twitter account), 2) their personal experiences and observations and 3) retweets from other bloggers.


I have been bouncing ideas back and forth with one of those “sounding boards” we all have whose judgment we trust.  His counsel is to make sure I don’t lean too heavily on the “conflict within the Body of Christ” theme.  He is speaking out of concern for me, for one thing, as I surely don’t want to portray myself as in perpetual conflict with others (that would not be true, as the stories I share are drawn from 54 years of life, often years after I have been able to work through the redemptive lessons God taught me in a situation). 


Secondly, there is the idea that we don’t want to portray the Body of Christ as in perpetual conflict either.  This one is harder for me to wrestle with because I have spent 54 years observing human nature and I have seen, not just in the Body of Christ, that there is a certain part of our human flesh that finds conflict intensely interesting.  If we don’t pay careful attention, we can find ourselves bored with our everyday existence and unconsciously feeding conflict between other people.  It seems like a default setting of our human nature.  As such, it seems like an area into which I should speak and teach, when I see things going on that can be unintentional but with horrible results.


So, I see the point about majoring on human conflicts.  I also see the fact that this is an area where I have studied and can offer solid, Biblical counsel.  But, as with a Twitter account, a blogger has to have some balance. 


Another area I have been hitting is, indeed, reblogs of the thought pieces of other people (and some of their amusing videos).  I also reblog news stories and provide commentary on them, drawn from my understanding of how the Bible addresses these modern dilemmas.


Then there are what I call “human interest stories.”  Those are the slices of life in our home that I put up, usually on weekends when things are slower, to show how it has been to raise a child with special needs or how it has been to cope with breast cancer.  They are almost all “feel good” testimonies of how much God has blessed us in the midst of what others would call difficult situations. 


I do hope that my balance, while never perfect, will get better as time goes on.  The blog is meant to be an edifying tool for all of us, helping us see what God offers us as we are in Him.  If I seem to get unbalanced in any area, I do appreciate the counsel of others.  No one can write, or grow, in a vacuum.  We do that in community.


That said, our family is going to be on travel this next week so I have done some things to mitigate the fact that I will probably not be writing original material until we get back.


First of all, I have provided much more content this week than usual, so you can go back while I am gone and read things you have missed.


Secondly, I am planning to queue up some blog entries I wrote last Christmastime that were never yet published.


Thirdly, I have added another blogger, Josh Savage, who got me started in blogging last year, to Iconobaptist.  Josh has an open door to contribute while we are gone (and after that) as he sees fit.


Have fun, folks.  See you when we get back!!! 


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