The press: Stand against abortion is reviled while underage sexual liaison is ignored

21 Aug

At least the Huffington Post picked up this story!

John 7:24, “Judge not according to the appearance but judge righteous judgment.”

It all depends on your worldview.

Maybe the reason that the mainstream media have not picked up on the Gauthier story is because it looks like his campaign has already collapsed like a house of cards.  You think?

I mean, Mr. Akin is apologizing all over the place and vowing to stay in his race.  Mr. Gauthier has other members of his party who have already filed the papers to take over his candidacy.

I love lists so I will just list a few contrasts here.  Form your own conclusions.

Mr. Akin is a conservative Republican.  Mr. Gauthier is a Democrat.

However, the Huffington Post is liberal and they, along with some conservative sources, seem to have been the only ones to break the Gauthier story.  The Akin story was on the front page of our local paper today!

Although many pro-life Republicans have wondered aloud why rape is the only crime in which the victim (unborn child) can be punished by capital punishment, there are still not a lot of us willing to force a woman to bear the child of rape.  I think many of us rejoice when a woman can find sufficient forgiveness to carry the child to term.  I am sure it takes a very strong woman to be able to do that.  And that is all I will say about that.

Mr. Akin made a statement that was poorly worded.  The people who want him to resign from his campaign obviously believe that that statement reflects his heart more than his subsequent apology does.

I will say that his statement that women don’t usually get pregnant from rape was foolish but not a crime.  And it was a statement, not an action.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gauthier, age 57, had a liaison with a 17-year-old-boy at a rest stop.  The liaison was arranged via Craig’s List as a “no strings attached” sexual act (Mr. Gauthier placed the ad).

It happens that, in Minnesota, 17-year-olds are regarded as able to give legal consent to sex acts, despite still being minors.

So Mr. Gauthier didn’t commit a crime either, in Minnesota (no pay was given for the sexual act).

However, having a liaison with a minor who is 40 years younger at a rest stop after advertising for the act (and emphasizing that it was merely to be a physical act).  Ugh!  Pretty sleazy.

Doesn’t that speak volumes about the maturity level of the person running for office?  And his inability to be loyal to people, beginning with his intimate partners?  His overall level of seeking pleasure and not caring about the people he encounters (uses) along the way?  Dare we use the words “his morals”???

I am just thinking out loud here without even going to the fact that it was a gay liaison because you all already know that I hold to God’s Word on homosexuality being a sin.  This was sordid regardless of the gender of the minor.

I am going to just make this about worldview.  Is it okay to live in a world in which someone like Mr. Gauthier isn’t even mentioned by the press?  Is what he did totally his business?  Does it not at all affect his abilities to represent people in his state?

At the same time, is it important to expose Mr. Akin on every front page in America because he believes it might be a good thing to let a child conceived during a rape have the gift of life?

Yes, it is all about worldview, isn’t it?

I respectfully offer mine, and will not shout down anyone who disagrees with it.

Just be sure you choose your worldview with your eyes wide open. (the Akin story from our paper today.  I can only embed one “official” link per post)


2 Responses to “The press: Stand against abortion is reviled while underage sexual liaison is ignored”

  1. Jason Berger August 21, 2012 at 10:30 PM #

    Finally, I have a chance to comment on one of your posts!

    I think there are several reasons for the disparity in coverage.

    1) Mr. Gauthier is running for state legislature. Mr. Akin is running for the US Senate – a considerably more influential position. The make-up of the Minnesota legislature doesn’t have much of an effect on anyone outside of Minnesota. However, the make-up of the US Senate has a significant impact on the entire country and Mr. Akin is running in a race that could potentially cause a Democratic seat to turn Republican. And since most of our media is corporate-owned, they’re going to push the high-controversy, high-interest stories. I’m not saying Mr. Gauthier shouldn’t get ANY coverage but they definitely shouldn’t be treated as equals.

    2) Mr. Gauthier’s case is extraordinarily different from Mr. Akin’s. Mr. Gauthier met a teenager for consensual, legal sex. Inappropriate? Yes. Do his actions have a direct effect on his constituents? No. You can (and did) argue that the mindset that would allow someone to meet a17-year-old of either gender for a casual encounter in a rest stop would not be the kind that we would want making decisions for us. This may or may not be true – we don’t know anything else about him except this. I’ll admit it doesn’t make him look good. He needs to go away.

    However, Mr. Akin is NOT “on every front page in America because he believes it might be a good thing to let a child conceived during a rape have the gift of life.” He is on every front page because he claimed that “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” This is not even close to being true. Not at all. And this was not a misspeak. In fact, he later stated that his mistake was using the word “legitimate” instead of “forcible.” That doesn’t change the fact that there is absolutely no function in a female that would prevent a rape from causing a pregnancy. But apparently Mr. Akin believes that there is. If elected, he would be voting on legislation that would directly affect women’s health issues – including reproductive issues. Do you want somebody casting a crucial vote on women’s health issues that believes the female body can do things it can’t? I don’t. Or to put it another way, what if he had been arguing against breast cancer screenings by claiming that “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”? Would you want him put into a position where he could be making decisions about what kind of care people with breast cancer get?

    This is not about having positions that are pro-life – this is about having positions that are pro-reality. Mr. Akin’s views on the female reproduction system are not based in reality – therefore he should not be allowed to cast votes that would affect them.

    • singingsoprano August 22, 2012 at 7:55 AM #

      Jason, thanks for your reasoned post. I had missed that Mr. Gauthier was only running at the state level. When I read that, I immediately thought of someone else who quickly advanced from State Senator to National Senator to President, but probably that kind of lightning only strikes in Illinois . So you are probably right that Mr. Gauthier’s “damage” would be restricted to the great state of Minnesota.
      I may write more about the abortion issue later. I am going to be careful (try to word things veeeery carefully), but there is reasonable precedent to go ahead and stand publicly, as the Republican Party, with the idea that it is praiseworthy to bear a child conceived in rape, then adopt him out, if that is best. I know we can never force a woman to carry a child resulting from rape. But it would not hurt the Republican Party morally to distance themselves from the silly remark about women not getting pregnant from rape, but to stand solidly behind the idea that it is okay for a woman to selflessly bear that child, rather than choose to let him die for the sin of his father. That would be my point.
      And, again, I realize we don’t live in a theocracy. But I am allowed to have my own personal opposition to abortion, and to vote my conscience.

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