My Idols are Better than Your Idols

13 Aug

“Little children, keep yourselves from idols.  Amen.”  I John 5:21

This post is dedicated to a friend who will recognize a conversation we had not long ago about the idolatry of a modern song that is attracting some of the emergent church/edgy/trendy Christians.  The song has the message “I will die for my own sins, thank You very much!”

My friend and I understood that the song was meant to be a shocker to those of us who are slightly older.  She was vastly offended by it.  I was trying to think how to wrap my mind (and heart) around this song, something so foreign to any experience I have had or even thought to have.  I wanted to try to understand why it would attract any person, let alone a believer in Jesus Christ.

It is so easy for me to see that this is Generation Y idolatry, pure and simple.  I am not defending the song.  It truly sounds shocking.  I haven’t heard it and I don’t plan to go looking for it on Youtube.

Yet, in God’s economy, that night I was ironing and turned on one of those satellite stations that plays whatever genre you want to hear at the moment.  I put it on ’70’s songs, the music I listened to in college (I went to a state university).

The song in the above link came up and I nearly dropped my iron.  What an amazing thing.  That song . . . I loved it when it was out.  So . . . let’s get this straight.  In December of 1979, I was listening to a song that suggested that a man and a woman could be born again in each other’s love?

Not exactly Christian thought there.  More like pagan.  More like the fertility cults of Baal and Ashtoreth in the Old Testament, truth be known.  Wow!

Why is it so easy to love our own idols and to explain them away, while condemning the idols of another group or generation?  I love how God will not let us off the hook of answering that question!

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