Looking Back at Week Two . . .

11 Aug

Week Two of this blog has been a fun ride!  I will soon have my first post that reached 100 hits because I have one that is currently at 99 and I don’t think it will recede into the sunset just yet!  Exciting!

Of note, I read up on the blog mechanics and my accesses don’t count as hits on my own blog because I come in as administrator, signed on all the time in that capacity.  I did wonder about that for a while.  But if you guys read an article more than once, I get more than one hit on it.

To recap this week (really, going all the way back to last Friday), I had:

-Parent Training 101, about our early life with our special needs son.

-Child Training 101, about our early life with our special needs son.

-Graduation Meditation, about our pride in our special needs son as he graduates, and the reminiscences we have of God’s grace while raising him.

-Message of Condemnation, about that person in each of our lives who tends to “read their own agenda” into everything we say and do and who never stops letting us know how disappointed they are in us.

-After the Koran is Burned, about how it is inconsistent for Christians to treat the sins of other Christians as unforgivable sins when we have the one faith that teaches about a Sinbearer who came for us . . .

-Should I Vent?, about how Christians do strange things to each other socially, but it is not always necessary to go tell them what they have done wrong.  Love really can cover a multitude of sins!

-Some Thoughts about Gay Marriage and God’s Design for the Human Race, about Romans 1 and how many of us miss God’s best design for our lives.

-Getting Our Game Face On, about living in the authentic self, the person we really are in Christ, instead of living in an illusory self that is always conscious of the image others have of us.

-There Has Always Been Drama, about helping Christian brothers and sisters reconcile within the church.

I also ran our friend Josh Savage’s pot roast recipe and Joey’s graduation photo, courtesy of our friend Josh Savage (our church choir director, my fellow blogger, a man of many talents).

Thank you for coming along with me on this ride.  As I have said before, with relation to Eric Liddell’s famous quote about running:  “I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me a good writer.  And when I write, I feel His pleasure.”

Love you all, Mary (living the dream I have had since I was 9 years old)


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