Week One of a New Blog

2 Aug

I have thoroughly enjoyed this first week of blogging.  The friend who got me to blog for our church has long encouraged me to launch my own WordPress blog.  And, in fact, I have been encouraged in this direction ever since fourth grade, when my teacher told me “I will see your name in print someday, Mary” (that still hasn’t actually happened, as she meant a published book, which I believe will come out of this blog within the next two years).

Since much of my 27-year Navy career involved writing, only anonymously and . . . tons of Navy documentation . . . I can truly say I have pursued the career I believe my teacher discovered in that fourth grade year!  Praise God for teachers who look for strengths in their students and reinforce them when they find them!!!

I also know the feeling that Eric Liddell expressed in “Chariots of Fire” (I believe it was an actual historic quote).  He said, “When I run, I feel His pleasure.”  I say, “When I write, I feel His pleasure.”  I believe I was created for writing.  I am not an expert on much of anything, but I can capture lots of things in words and . . . that seems to be God’s gifting to me.

I also know that many other Christians have much more of a handle on their spiritual life (at least it seems like that to me), but someone needs to write these truths down for posterity and most of the other Christians I know don’t consider writing to be a pleasure.  I do.

So, here I am.

To recap the first week, I covered:  1) My decision to blog  2) The subject of my blog  3) Family relations (avoiding corrupt communication)  4) Calvinism, from a Baptist perspective  5) Family relations (avoiding making idols of family members)  6) Church relationships (avoiding offense) and 7) Relationship with God (realizing how small we are in relationship to Him, and how wonderful and freeing it is to acknowledge that!).

Feel free to comment on the blog, if any of these posts resonate with you!!!  Love you guys!


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